Membership criteria, pricing and FAQ’s

Membership Criteria

Ask any of our members and they will tell you TEN is a welcome, friendly and fun group – despite the success of our members, you will not find an elitist attitude here! In order to participate in our events and programs, members and guests must meet certain eligibility requirements, as described below:

Executive-Level Career

Members must hold an Executive-level (Manager, Director, VP, Senior VP, CxO, Executive Director) or Professional-level (Accountant, Engineer, Architect, Lawyer) role within their organization or business

A Strong Reputation

Members must have a positive reputation in the business community, both as a business and personally

Participation in Other Groups

Members ARE permitted to belong to other business groups, clubs and associations

Non-Prohibited Business Category

Members may not be engaged in, or promote, Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing programs, nor may they be in an ‘unsavory’ industry, as determined by TEN’s sole discretion.  Absolutely No Exceptions

Category Exclusivity

Members ARE NOT denied membership if another member from the same line of business is already a member; there are no restrictions of only one member per business category

Application Process

Today’s Executive Network Inc. reserves the right to deny any membership application based on a variety of factors including: business and/or personal reputation, industry/nature of business and general fit with membership








$50 / mo

$80 / mo

$130 / mo

$250 / mo

$700 / mo

Monthly (at minimum) virtual events that feature a combination of networking and guest speakers who discuss  topics most relevant to  today’s business professionals.

COVID-19 permitting,  monthly in person networking events that take place in variety of different locations across the city. Events will include networking, appetizers and guest speakers/workshops on relevant topics for today’s  business professionals.

Events taking place at premium venues and/or featuring a premium guest speaker. Student and Bronze members will be charged a fee if they wish to attend.

Monthly hours available to apply to any consulting or executive coaching services that TEN offers.  Hours not utilized in any given month may be carried over a maximum of one month.



Discounts applies to any of the consulting or executive coaching services purchased that TEN offers.





Connecting business professionals focused on personal and professional growth. 


To be recognized as the most innovative and effective networking and consulting firm as measured by the value we provide to our members and clients.