executive Coaching

See yourself more clearly.

See others more clearly.

Learn new ways to respond.

Leverage your existing strengths.

Build more productive relationships.

Achieve what you want.

We believe that coaching is the best platform to develop leaders as it helps them directly address the most pressing challenges they face. Coaching is customized and personal, is designed to leverage each client’s unique strengths, and supports them over time as they make lasting changes in their lives.

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Coaching borrows from both consulting and therapy. 

Source: Coutu, D & Kauffman, C 2009, ‘What  Can Coaches Do for You’, Harvard Business Review, vol.87, no. 1.


Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive on coaching.

Executive coaching is, at its essence, a series of focused and powerful conversations that accelerate success. You can think of it is a formal relationship between you and the executive coach you choose, where the coach guides you and acts as an external sounding board as you progress towards your goals. 

Executives who get the most out of coaching have a fierce desire to learn and grow. Do not engage a coach to fix behavioral problems. Blamers, victims, and individuals with iron-clad belief systems don’t change.

There are several factors that clients should keep in mind when selecting a coach: business experience, coaching experience, and “fit or chemistry” (personality, style, and shared values).  The right match is absolutely key to the success of a coaching experience. Without it, the trust required for optimal executive performance will not develop. Do not engage a coach on the basis of reputation or experience without making sure that the fit is right.

Yes, anyone can have a coach.  Look around, all top performers (sports, business and otherwise) in history have had coaches to reach their level of success. 


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